5 Most Trainable Dog Breeds

One thing is true about dogs: they are all trainable.

Puppies and full-grown adult dogs alike can learn obedience skills and new tricks so long as they are trained properly. With love, patience, and the correct tools, training your pup is simple!

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But the truth is, some dog breeds are more trainable than others.

Even though all dogs can learn, certain breeds have higher IQs, personalities, eagerness to please, and genetics that make them a better fit for first-time dog owners and those interested in training their dog at advanced levels.

So, to help you get the most out of your dog, we have put together a list of the most trainable breeds!

5 Super Trainable Dog Breeds

Border Collie

First up is the beautiful Border Collie.

In fact, this is the smartest dog breed on the planet according to the official intelligence ranking of dogs. Because they once herded sheep, these dogs are smart, good at following commands, athletic, and motivated to perform tasks and do a “job” (for example, bringing in the newspaper or playing fetch!)



Secondly, we have the pretty Poodle.

Not too long ago, Poodles were both hunting dogs and circus dogs. For this reason, they are excellent at following directions. All three sizes – toy, miniature, and standard – enjoy spending time with their owners. They are eager to please and will sit, shake, stay, jump, and more to make their humans smile.


Golden Retriever

Looking for a fluffy dog who loves the water?

A Golden Retriever could be the perfect fit. This breed is highly trainable thanks to their outgoing, friendly, playful personality. A Golden Retriever puppy will often learn tricks after only three or four tries. Plus, they are kid-friendly pets. Therefore, young children can participate in their training, too.

Fun for the whole family!


German Shepherd

Fourth on ABBIDOT’s list of most trainable dog breeds is the loyal German Shepherd. Don’t let this breed’s appearance fool you…just because they might look tough, doesn’t mean they are scary or stubborn. On the contrary, German Shepherds are fantastic listeners. They obey commands without question. Police, military, and search and rescue all use this breed in their lines of work because of how well-trained these dogs are.


Doberman Pinscher

Lastly, don’t forget Doberman Pinschers.

This is a hardworking breed. Plus, they are highly food motivated. Many people are surprised to discover that Doberman Pinscher’s are the fifth smartest dog breed – wow! As part of the working category, they are intelligent, athletic, and exceptionally trainable dogs.


Ready to Start Training Your Dog the Right Way?

Remember, all dogs are trainable.

Some might take a little longer than others and for different personalities, you may need to enroll in obedience classes or seek help from a professional trainer. But no matter what, your dog wants one thing: to receive your love and praise!

To help, ABBIDOT has answers to popular dog training questions.

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