Training Large Breeds

You might need to use a higher setting with your large breed dog! Even so, you still want to begin with a low setting or simple vibration and work your way up until you find something appropriate.

  • There is no difference, other than size and weight, between training a large breed and training a small breed.
  • Smaller dogs may be more delicate. This is important to remember.
  • Don’t use your shock settings with young puppies! If you’re training a puppy, stick to vibration only or audible noise.

Step One: Size your e-collar appropriately for your larger dog, ensuring a snug (yet not too tight) fit. You should be able to fit two fingers between the contact leads and your dog’s skin.

Your electric collar’s contact points should make contact with your dog’s skin. Make sure they aren’t covered by matted fur.

The contact points should apply only light pressure to your dog’s neck.

Step Two: Begin training using beep with vibration mode. If you need to use ‘safe shock with beep‘, start at level 1 and slowly increase until you find a suitable level.

Step Three: Give your small dog a command he knows, while simultaneously pressing the activation button on your dog’s e-collar remote. You’ll release the stimulation once your dog follows through!

Remember, this isn’t meant to be used as punishment and shouldn’t be uncomfortable. It is only a sort of physical reinforcer to go along with your audible commands.

  • It’s important not to use too high a setting with either small or large breeds, as this can create a sense of fear. You aren’t trying to harm or punish your pup, just give him a way to ‘feel’ your commands!
  • Closely monitor your large breed dog during the first day of use to ensure a proper, working fit.
  • Removing your dog’s electric collar at night or when you can’t offer supervision is recommended. There is always a slight chance the collar can catch and cause a hazard.

Training Example: The Recall

Step One: Speak your command phrase for ‘come to me’ (in other words, call your dog). This assumes your dog already knows the meaning of this command and won’t be effective if you haven’t trained your dog’s recall.

Step Two: At the same time, you are speaking your ‘come to me’ phrase, press your electric collar’s activation button. The stimulation setting can be slightly higher for a larger breed than our example with a small breed but shouldn’t cause pain or discomfort.

Step Three: The second your dog has followed through with your recall and is by your side, release the stimulation from your E-Collar.

How to Use Your E-Collar in Place of a Clicker

A ‘dog clicker’ is sort of like a button you press that makes an audible ‘clicking’ noise. This is just meant to be a marker for good or successful behavior, telling your dog he did something good and is about to receive a reward (whether that be a treat or praise).

Step One: You will use an audible ‘beep’ setting only for this. All you need is the sound to mark something ‘good’. Simply ensure the sound is loud enough for your dog to hear, but not too loud to frighten or startle.

Step Two: When your dog does something you like, press the sound activation button on your e-collar just as if you were using a dog clicker. This lets your dog know he did something well and is about to be rewarded.

Step Three: Reward your dog every time you use this sound activation setting. Your dog will soon associate the sound with the reward received!

This concept works the same with both small and large dog breeds.