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Teach your pet to be free with a lightweight e-collar that is safe, reliable and very easy to use. Leverage the best of wireless technology from fences to GPS trackers to keep your pets close without micro-controlling them.

T60 Dog Training Collar

T60 dog training collar ensures effective and safe training. Utilize the E-Clicker for positive reinforcement with a distinct sound, rewarding desired behaviors. Explore professional modes, such as vibration, tone, or static stimulation, to customize training for your dog's unique needs.


T50 Dog Training Collar

The T50 dog training collar is a useful tool that offers 99 levels of stimulation, along with tone and vibration modes. The collar has an AB-TES system for safety lock of stimulation and smooth adjust levels , and a built-in safety light for visibility at night. With the T50 collar, you can train your dog in various settings, ensuring their safety and comfort.


T30 Dog Training Collar

The T30 training collar is perfect for dogs who like to wander with long-range capabilities of up to 3,000ft, and an advanced AB-TES system that allows you to control your dog's behavior from a distance, making it ideal for outdoor activities. It also has a safety lock and smooth adjustable training levels.


T20 Dog Training Collar

T20 is a long-reaching training collar — perfect for dogs who love to explore. Its 3,000ft range will let you hold training sessions in an open environment and keep your dog/dogs safe even if they tend to forge ahead on your walks.



We know that nurturing a lasting bond with a pet takes patience, commitment and just a little bit of help. This is why we dedicate all of our time and creative resources to making pet care accessories that are smart and simple. Our collars should never be used as punishment, overused or treated as a one-fit-all solution. They are most effective at the very start of the training process and when showing your pet the danger of certain behaviors. We strongly recommend focusing on reward training and making positive reinforcement the base of your training routine.

Electric Collar for Dogs

Does your dog love spending time outdoors? What dog doesn’t cherish all of the sights, sounds and smells nature brings, and the freedom that comes along with it? We can trust our dogs off lead in the confines of a dog park

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Understand "Shock" Properly

Will E-collar hurt my dog? The name ‘shock’ collar is a little misleading because your electric collar should never actually ‘shock’ your dog at all. At most, your ‘shock’ should seem more like a jolt. The jolt can be startling, but it is painless.


Dog Training Tips

E- collars for dogs offer a better means of getting their attention! If your recall doesn’t work because your pup is too focused on that rabbit, use the electric collar as a backup. You can let your pup off-leash without worrying!


Easy Dog Tricks for Beginners

Are you new to dog training, or have you just adopted your very first dog? We’ve got some great easy dog tricks for beginners like you! Why not give these a try?


Reward-Based Positive Reinforcement

What do you do, exactly, with your dog treats? How can you get the most out of them? We’ll cover all of this below! Reinforcement is simply a word meaning exactly what it implies...


Dog Training Terms

Have you ever spoken to a dog trainer and couldn’t understand everything he said, or heard confusing dog training terms on television?