Once my pet’s training is complete, do I need to keep using the collar?

    It fully depends on your and your pet’s situation. You might need to reinforce  the results of collar training from time to time.

    How long can I continuously deliver Vibration or Shock stimulation to my pet?

      No longer than 10 seconds for Vibration mode.No longer than 3 seconds for Static Shock mode.

      IMPORTANT: while it is okay to use the Vibration mode for up to 10 seconds, it is highly recommended to limit the continuous Static Shock stimulation to no more than 3 seconds (the smaller the dog the shorter the time)

      What should I do if mydog’s neck becomes red and irritated?

        Stop using the product immediately for at least 48 hours. If the condition persists beyond 48 hours, consult your veterinarian.

        Can I attach a leash to the e-collar?

          No, this can result in pulling the contact points too tightly against your dog’s neck. Use a separate collar when needed.

          How long can I leave the e-collar on my dog for?

            The collar is not designed to be worn continuously. We recommend your pet only wears the e-collar during training sessions or other outdoor activities.

            Is the Vibration/Shock safe for my pet?

              While the Vibration/Shock stimulation may be unpleasant, it is generally harmless to your pet when used correctly. However, your input as a trainer is essential in ensuring the safety of this process.

              How old does my pet have to be for me to use the e-collar for training?

                Your pet should be able to recognize basic obedience commands such as “Sit” or “Stay”. Pets should be at least 6 months old before you can use the training collar to train them.

                Is the e-collar waterproof?


                  Will I get exactly 3000 feet of range with the collar’s remote?

                    The range of the remote may be affected by a number of factors like terrain, weather, vegetation, transmission from other radio devices and so on.

                    How long should the training session be?

                      As advised by the USA Dog Experts, the ABBIDOT Dog Training Collar will beep when in stimulation mode. This coupling teaches your dog that the tone alone is indicating bad behavior. This can help train your dog respond to commands when they only hear the beep.

                      And yes, you can turn the sound if you don’t like it. Simply press and hold the ON/OFF button on the collar 5 times in 3 seconds to turn it off. Do the same to turn it back on.